Here’s some photos of my final assignment for my Natural History Drawing class. Wish I had better ones, but it needed to be turned in this morning and I didn’t think of it until it was too late to time the shot for some better light.

The requirement was to make some sort of accordion book. The rules for content were a lot more flexible so I focused on mythical creatures and some theological gods/demons. It was p. fun!

Featuring the following:

Side A— Long, Jackalope, Manticore, Kappa, Gryphon, Inugami, Tengu, Orthrus, Kitsune, Jersey Devil, Phoenix.
Side B— Cockatrice, Dragon, Quetzacoatl, Baku, Kirin, Wendigo, Gargoyle, Ammut, Werewolf, Sea Goat.  

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    Wow. These are crazy good. Nicely done.
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    I still love how this came out!
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